What’s consumer age got to do with it?

If a marketer asks you this question, you better know why, and enlighten him as well. It is never too late. Today, brands are crafting strategies on the basis of segmentation. Age factor lies in the heart of all segmentations. Did you know, Millenials, Generation Xers, and Baby Boomers are consuming content as different as night and day? Marketers are on a constant run to identify how each age group consumes content. Let us take you through some analysis about different mediums of consumption and its audience.

What are Millennials looking at?

In today’s digital age, everyone carries a mobile phone in their pockets. But not everyone taps their screen every now and then. However, Millenials check their phones more than 157 times per day. They keep on switching from one app to another. Most of their content consumption happens to be on their mobile phone. Right from Facebook notifications, Emailers on Gmail, Youtube Subscription Updates, they leaf through all the marketing messages hastily. That is the reason why the content has to be short and precise. If not, it has to be effective and eye-catching. This is a result of their heightened sense of visual stimulation.

Whereas, Baby Boomers, the generation which is newly introduced to the cell phone, restricts the use to Whatsapp Messenger and on-demand video services. Generation X has a completely different story. We’ll come to that soon.

What are the Baby Boomers doing?

Baby boomers are not behind time like they are assumed to be. They are watching their television sets and desktops regularly. Some are even playing Candy Crush on their tablets. A number of them are getting in terms with Skype because they want to stay connected. They use the mobile phone only for the reason it was invented, communication. Their entertainment needs are served on TV. Also, by now, they are already loyal certain customers of certain brands. So, while buying something new, they place importance on the accuracy of information. They avoid taking risks and stay cautious to threats. Having enough time in hand allows them to pay heed to long length TV commercials and infomercials without swapping channels.

They are most likely to use a landline. Telecommunication and direct marketing work like a charm on this set of individuals due to the availability of time. They do not go out of their way to consume information. On the whole, simplified design that easily translates into information works best for them.

Why is Generation X difficult to tap?

Like we said before, they are on a different track, yet getting tracked by all the possible mediums. Generation X, born between the years 1965-80, is in a slightly different phase of their life. We agree, they are difficult to trap. They have picked up some values from the Baby boomers and some from the Millennials. Some members of this generation still have trouble in dealing with technology whereas the rest of Generation X is obsessed with social media and digital mediums.

They consume content from mobile, tablet, and desktop. Email marketing is an efficient way to be a magnet to this generation. They are in favor of clear and precise information. They are influenced by videos and blogs featuring comparisons and reviews. This experimental bunch believes in the word of mouth marketing as well. WhatsApp proves to be an easy approach for targeting them.

For now, you do have a clear idea about why age has got to do a lot with the content distribution of your brand. You must also make sure that the content is parallel to your business, brand values, and services. By segmenting the age factor further, you can improve the results. Remember, one shoe doesn’t fit the other. Choose the right fit for your brand.

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